How does AppCash works?

AppCash is a social networking suite that allows advertisers publish offers to users and provide rewards when the users complete the offers. and the user can redeem the reward points for Paypal cahs or gift cards.

How much money can i make?

The more offers you complete. The higher the money you can make. Offers on the offer wall are not unlimited but get updated often.

How do i get more Points?

Completing as many task as you can.

Why i'm not recieving Rewad Points after completing tasks?

The reward points takes up to 40 minutes to update and sometimes even more because the advertiser needs to confirm that the task have been completed.

I've completed a task and never got my Reward Points why?

This can happen for two reasons.

1- You haven't completed the task correctly

2- You have completed that task before

If you think none of those happened please contact us to help you futher


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